meMy name’s Mike Griffiths, aka Talvo. I’m a 20-something year old Brit who spends most of his time sat in front of a computer. I’ve had ME/CFS since I was around 13, which keeps me inside and doing very little a lot of the time (though I’m trying to get out a bit more, lately; apparantly fresh air and sunshine are good for you); as such, I spend a lot of my time hanging around on the internet.

When I’m online, I’m usually hanging around on a MUSH somewhere, and spend a fair bit of my free time coding, either for MUSHes or in Tcl/Tk. I’m also the author of Potato, a MUSH Client (for connecting to and playing on MUSHes) for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

This website mostly serves as a central repository for my code (although a lot of it is hosted on Google Code, now), and a place where I can ramble, most likely to myself, since I doubt anyone else will bother to read it. 😉

If you find anything on here useful, and feel able and inclined to do so, please consider making a donation.