MUSHes are text-based games, primarily used for role-playing or socialising. I’ve been MUSHing since late 2001, usually under the name Talvo or Mike. These days, the only place I regularly hang out is M*U*S*H, a social game which also serves as the flagship game for the PennMUSH server.

For the vast majority of that time, I’ve been writing MUSHcode (also known as softcode), and since mid 2009 I’ve also been one of the developers for the PennMUSH server code (hardcode).

I’m also the author of Potato, a MUSH client for connecting to and playing MUSHes and other text-based games. I’ve also written a couple of simple web-based tools, for escaping text to include in MUSHcode, converting PennMUSH helpfiles into a format suitable for softcoded +help systems, and for unformatting MPP-encoded code so it can be uploaded to a MUSH.