So, as anyone who knows me is aware, I’m an insane avid Star Wars Lego collector. A few people have been nagging me for ages to take some pictures of my collection. Today, I got some new shelves fitted and, although they still need painting, I thought I’d take some pics of a quick layout of some of my stuff.

This is by no means complete – I probably have about twice as much as is shown here, maybe slightly more – but here are pictures of most of my Ultimate Collector’s Series stuff (the X-Wing and R2D2 didn’t fit on the shelf; the Death Star isn’t actually an UCS set, but there’s no chance in hell of it fitting anywhere else), as well as most of my Hoth, Endor and Tatooine sets. Still need to add in my Geonosis and Naboo stuff, as well as 20 or so ships (X-Wings, Tie Fighters, Y-Wings, A-Wing, Naboo Starfighters, Tantive IV, Imperial Star Destroyer, B-Wing, Pod Racers…) And, since I don’t have the room for more shelves, it’s time to stop buying the damn stuff. 😉 Anyways! Enjoy.