Baking Mad

I like to consider myself a fairly decent amateur cook; in particular, I quite enjoy baking cakes and biscuits and things. However, since I am pretty much continually on a diet right now (trying to lose weight when you’re unable to exercise is not fun), I don’t get all that much opportunity to. So, for […]

To do, or not to do…

I decided to do a little RL construction project recently. Nothing too grand – building a shelf unit for my kitchen from scratch (since I couldn’t find anything pre-made or flat-packed that was quite what I wanted). I really should know better by now 😉 Yesterday I started cutting my bits of wood to size. […]

Taking a Break

So, lately, I haven’t really done a whole lot of coding of any kind (Potato, PennMUSH, or anything else). I guess, to some extent, I’ve been a little burned out, but I think it’s largely just lack of energy to spend on it – aside from the fact it’s been insanely hot for several weeks, […]

Talvo is dead, long live the Keyboard Zombie

My old URL,, is officially no more. Everything that used to be there is now here, at, plus a few new bits and bobs as I get around to adding them. Long live KeyboardZombie! .. or is that unlive? Hrm.