So, lately, I haven’t really done a whole lot of coding of any kind (Potato, PennMUSH, or anything else). I guess, to some extent, I’ve been a little burned out, but I think it’s largely just lack of energy to spend on it – aside from the fact it’s been insanely hot for several weeks, I’ve been making an effort lately to get out a bit more, and to try and get things straight around the house (motivation allowing).

I’ve been thinking about taking a hiatus while I focus on this other stuff – put out a new version of Potato (it’s about 3 months overdue already), which has a few bigish bug fixes in, and then just take a break from coding, unless any critical bugs show themselves.

The upside is, I can at least walk through my living room without acting like I’m an Olympic hurdler. Well, at least until I get to the kitchen doorway, but one room at a time, right?