I decided to do a little RL construction project recently. Nothing too grand – building a shelf unit for my kitchen from scratch (since I couldn’t find anything pre-made or flat-packed that was quite what I wanted).

I really should know better by now 😉

Yesterday I started cutting my bits of wood to size. Aside from the fact that my kitchen floor is currently covered in sawdust, today I am well and truly knackered, in the truest, “oh God what was I thinking” sense. So, alas, the half-sawn bits of wood may end up sitting in the middle of the floor for a few days, now, until I feel up to finishing it.

On the bright side, though, since I am physically incapable of moving today 😉 I’ve taken advantage of my need to sit still to finally put out the next version of Potato MUSH Client, which is long-overdue, since it has a few bugfixes in. Now I might do a bit more coding. Or possibly just go and lie down in the dark. Yeah, that sounds good, I think.