Talvo’s MUSHcode Suite

The majority of my MUSHcode these days is packaged as “Talvo’s MUSHcode Suite”. It’s a set of softcoded MUSH globals for PennMUSH 1.8.3 and above, designed to be easy to install and customize even if you have little or no code knowledge/experience. The Suite is a series of packages/modules; once you’ve installed the Core, you can then add any of the other packages you want, and skip the ones you don’t want. It’s also possible to set everything up without having to read or change a single line of code – everything can be done with a few simple commands, so you really don’t need to be a coder to install these on your game. The MUSHcode suite is now housed on Github, to make it easier for me to maintain.

Other Softcode

I also have some other MUSH softcode which isn’t a part of the Suite (though I plan to convert some of it in the future, maybe, eventually):

  • +Mail and BB System – A combined softcoded +mail and bb system using MySQL for message storage, with many of the feaures of the built-in @mail and other BB systems (plus some extras). Click for more info.
  • Org System, for tracking members of organisations/groups, parent chains of orgs, and for paying wages to employees of the orgs. Ties in with an econ system (set up to work with the one in my MUSHcode Suite by default). Version 1.2c – code and help-files
  • Time and Weather – System for managing IC Time and Weather. Includes +TIME command and @functions for checking/displaying the time and weather for coded clocks, room descs, etc. Designed for games with a RL-calendar (12 months, 31 days in Jan, etc), but could be adapted quite easily for fantasy calendars. Version 1.1b – code and help-files

Don’t use a hardcoded +help? Use the Helpfile Converter to convert them for a softcoded +help.

Disclaimer, License, etc

All the softcode here is free. You’re free to use it as you wish, make any modifications you’d like, and do just about anything else you want. All I ask is that you don’t take credit for my code. If you have any problems with it, I’ll do my best to help, if I have the time to, though I may not always be able to.

If you make any improvements or modifications that you think might be of general interest and you’d like to share them with anyone else using the code, or if you find a bug, or you’d like to make a suggestion/request a new feature, etc, please email me and let me know. Anything that I include (code or idea) will be fully credited in the helpfiles.

While the code is all free, if you find it useful and feel able to, please consider making a donation.